Hot Cartier

hot cartier replica watches

The watch, which will hit stores in April, itself sticks closely to historic designs. Its square case with rounded corners and lugs that sweep into the strap are familiar, as are the eight screws on the bezel and the roman numeral hours behind Replica Cartier blue hands.

In step with this trend towards the timeless yet practical, Replica Cartier is looking back as it looks forward with a fresh Santos collection evoking the very origin of the species – the Santos stands as first purpose-built wristwatch – whilst perhaps slyly suggesting where fans of one particular squared-off smart watch might like to look next…

Fitted with automatic movements and an easy-to-fit selection of straps, two of which are supplied on purchase, the Santos is available in two sizes, and includes a skeletonised model for those wishing to buy into a slice of Replica Cartier’s haute horological prowess.

In an era of pocket watches, a leather wristwatch strap was revolutionary on the first Santos in 1904, and Replica Cartier says it has brought the same spirit of innovation to a large range of 17 coloured leather straps and metal bracelets for this year’s collection that can be swapped over in seconds.

The commercial appeal comes from the depth of the family and its affordability. There are medium and larger sized versions starting at €5000 (£4450) for an all-steel model; €7300 (£6500) for a gold and steel edition and €32.000 (£28,450) for an all-gold piece.

There is also a member of the family in steel or gold with a fully skeletonised movement at the top of the line.