Replica Cartier Watches Warranty Guide

Cartier watches

Shanghai Hendry famous maintenance center professional maintenance technician pointed out that Replica Cartier watches strap maintenance common sense.Replica Cartier is the world name list, whether it is Rolex watch repair or maintenance, we need to go to the designated maintenance center, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble for you.

According to the usual practice, a Replica Cartier watches is cleaned once in 3-5 years, which is good for the service life of the delay table.However, in real life, more than 10 years and is still out of the wash oil, normal form, There are plenty of people who!

My opinion: if the table is normal, it is not necessary to maintain it regularly.Then some people worry that if the maintenance is not regular, it will affect the service life of the table.In fact, there is no need, because the table, such as the same person, really needs maintenance, there will be some performance.

According to my experience, for many years has been the normal operation of the table when the attack of the following situation, is the demand of oil:
1, Replica Cartier watches suddenly go fast or slow (magnetic, gossamer jump frame outside);
2, sometimes stole;
3. The power of the upper bar is low;
4, listen to the sound of noise;
5, the time of continuous walk down;
6, more than 5 hand winding table go and so on.

If the attack the above situation, you do not wash oil, there will be danger table!

Watch is fine and meticulous, and also a cautious mechanical timing device. Each part is meticulous in cooperation, accurate in timing function, including the appearance reflected after shortcomings. This is mainly due to its fine machining and manufacturing, and the engagement of gears is also strict according to the transmission ratio. That is to say, each wheel in the core has its own rotation cycle, and it can be indicated by pointer on the dial.

Whether it is the clock repair personnel is still the general consumer, can understand through this watch, to determine the initial general shortcomings of the watch, the following comparison of typical faults to explain:
(1) Replica Cartier watches winders, every 7 hours on the stop and go; this shortcoming is generally box spring wheel tooth doubt, or shaft wear eye is too large, the spring box in the skew caused by splint which is due to a round box, every 7 hours to rotate one circle.

(2) Replica Cartier watches every 1 hours to go off; this drawback is usually round or round tooth base is in doubt, if the old watches, and eye wear plate shaft, shaft hole wear will make the base in the round splint in skew, is very easy to cause the front end and the minute dial the second character or rub, and two needles and thin watch to rub the inside of the glass table.

(3) the Replica Cartier watches stops every 6 points; it is the rotation cycle of the question of the passing wheel. I have seen a very special disadvantage of watches, is only LONGINES model, it has more than 10 years have not washed sludge, can be repaired out of the disadvantages of instruments detection did not identify the question, but is exceptionally fast walk every day. Finally after a long time tester test, finally found it every 6 minutes periodic “strike a pendulum”, the original is caused by wear of the gear wheel and eccentric.

(4) the Replica Cartier watches stops or moves slowly every 3-4 hours; it may be a cross – wheel question. Though not the gear of the transmission line, the cross wheel and the pin wheel are not the gear of the transmission line, but because of the improper wear or repair, the pathological changes of the wheel and gear can also affect the travel time.

(5) the system components in addition handsetting can also knock periodically, the feel of the block, which is to determine the parts of tooth gnawing doubt, as long as it is experienced repairman can do.

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